Tiny Dancer Combo Class (ages 2 1/2 - 4, 45 mins) Introduction to the structure of dance class. Students learn the entry level movements of ballet & tap. 

Pre-Dance Combo Class (ages 4 1/2 - 6, 45 mins)  Introduction to dance. Students learn the basic building blocks of ballet, jazz & tap.  Focus is on rhythm and coordination.
Offered as ballet/jazz combo or ballet/tap combo. Students are welcome to take both combo classes!

Intermediate Combo Class (ages 6 - 7 1/2, 1hr)  Students continue to learn the building blocks of ballet, jazz & tap while applying technique to their movement. Focus is on the basics of technique to prepare for the next level.
*Offered as ballet/jazz combo or ballet/tap combo. Students are welcome to take both combo classes!

All combo classes are designed to teach the early basics of ballet, tap, and jazz dance. Young dancers are introduced to a structured classroom environment for optimal learning while incorporating exercises to improve motor skills, rhythm, and coordination.

The foundation of all forms of dance, ballet can be critical to a dancer's progress. Training is in classical ballet which follows a defined catalog of movements.  At Elite, ballet is taught and learned throught barre exercises, adagio, petite and grand allegro, and then applying these exercises to choreography. Focus is on building strength and balance, technique and form, grace and carriage. Ballet training may be necessary to determine advancement into other styles of dance as they grow.

Jazz dance, like most styles of dance, was born from ballet and now includes varying styles from traditional jazz dance to the more current contemporay styles.  Jazz, like ballet, also includes  turns, jumps, leaps, and combinations. Classes include strengthening exercises and stretches for flexibility, progressions across the floor, and combinations to include material learned and being worked on. Focus is on technique and versatility of styles and movement set to the personalities of today's current trends.

Lively, rhythmic tapping! Tapping is a form of dance that creates rhythm and sounds with different parts of the feet using tap shoes. As the student progresses in tap, footwork becomes quicker and execution of movement is in sync. Focus is on rhythm, musicality, and coordination.

Modern/Contemporary (age 11+)
Distinct from ballet and other classic styles of dance, pioneers of modern dance sought to break from the 'constricting' laws of classicism and explore the unexplored. In doing so, movement became more freeing and abstract.  This class explores movement in non-conventional ways and encourages students to open up their thought process.  Like modern, contemporary can also break  the rules of conventional dance while creating its own beautiful movement.

Improv & Composition (age 11+)
How is a piece of dance choreography created? In this class, students will be able to 'play' and explore the structural elements of dance composition through improvisation exercises and get a glimpse of the choreographic process.  While promoting individuality, students will enjoy using their own budding artistic skills to create connecting phrases of dance.  This class has two phases;  studying the main components of dance composition and then using those tools in the creation phase.

Lyrical  (age 9+)
Lyrical, like contemporary, is a  form of dance which fuses modern, jazz, and ballet. The goal of this style is to convey emotion and storytelling through their performance. 

Hip Hop (age 6+)
Popular to some of today's pop artists' style of dance.  Sharp and strong, this energetic style is set to current music hits.  Hip hop was formed many years ago and became popular in the '80's.

Theatre Jazz (age 6)
Using soundtracks from Broadway's most popular and classic musicals, this class is centered on bringing characters to life with both dancing and acting! 

Technique Class (age 8+)
Although technique is practiced in each class, this is an additional class for students looking to really hone their technique and improve their training in all areas of dance. Focus is on the critical elements of dance such as posture & form, turn out & port de bras, as well as coordination & balance. This class can be taken in addition to any style class. This is a non-performing class.

Pre-pointe/Pointe  (at the discretion of the Director)
This class is offered to students according to strength and previous training.  Must be accompanied by at least one ballet class and one technique class.  This is a performing class at the Director's discretion regarding students' readiness.

Competition Team  (age 6+)
The focus of Elite Dance Company’s competition team is to provide an opportunity outside of the studio for dancers age 7 and up to showcase their talents in a competitive atmosphere.  Placement will be decided upon technical ability, previous training, focus, and work ethic.  Mandatory classes are required for team dancers. Being part of the team requires a positive attitude and commitment to dance as well as the willingness to be pushed and challenged.

All classes begin with warm up & technique exercises followed by progressions across the floor and ending with small combinations in the center.

Placement changes are at the discretion of the Director and dependent upon the child’s demonstrated skill and effort.

All students learn and progress at different levels; therefore it is important to remember that not all children of the same age will be placed in the same classes.

All early childhood classes are geared toward introducing and practicing age-appropriate movement and developmental skills, preparing students for working and functioning within a classroom environment, and to instill a love of dance.

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**Private lessons are availble upon request**
All classes begin in September and run the length of the season until June


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