Registration & Tuition
Registrations can be taken at the studio, or by printing the registration form from our website and mailing to the studio with tuition and registration fee included. Tuition is due at time of registration to ensure a place in class.  We encourage early registration to ensure day and time requested.  Because class size is kept to a mininum, classes fill up quickly.  Once tuiton is paid, the student is then enrolled. First month tuition and registration fee is non-refundable.

Tuition is due the 15th of the previous month. Tuition remains the same each month whether it is a three week, four week, or five week month, or if your child is absent. There will be a $10 late fee for payments made after the 15th, and a $15 fee for payments made after the 20th.  Missed payments will result in a $20 missed payment fee. If you are unable to make it to class, please mail payments to the studio to avoid any late fees.  A $25 fee will be applied to accounts with checks returned by the bank.

Class Placement
Each student is placed in the appropriate class according to ability, previous dance training & demonstrated skill, as well as dedication. Students are carefully evaluated and changes may be made up to 2 months after classes begin so that each student is dancing according to their needs & are receiving the best dance training and growing experience. All movement is age appropriate according to their developmental ablilities. Elite Dance Company reserves the right to cancel any class with fewer than 3 students enrolled. In this event, students will be placed in another class of equal skill if available.

Attendance is mandatory. Attendance is crucial to an individual's progress as well as the class as a unit. Please notify
the studio when your child will be absent.  We encourage students to make up missed classes with a similar class
if available. There are no refunds for student absences. Please notify the studio if your child withdraws from class or you
will continue to be billed until the studio is notified of the withdrawal.

Dance Attire & Hair
Elite Dance Company follows a specific dress code. All female students are expected to wear a black leotard with tights (pink for ballet). Jazz students may wear black shorts or black dance pants over their leotard and tights. This dress code was designed to allow teachers to evaluate a student's correct body alignment, foot work, and form. Male students may wear warm up pants and a tank top.  

**No baggy clothing, t-shirts, or sweatshirts will be allowed while dancing.  Please, no costumes on young children.**

Hair is part of the dress code and must be worn up and off the face in a ponytail or bun for all classes. Appropriate shoes are required for each class. No jewelry or chewing gum is allowed. All students must respect the dress code to participate.

There will be a costume deposit of $65 per costume due October 15th, and the balance to be paid in full by December 15th. If an account is not paid in full at time of costume distribution, the student will not be allowed to take it home until the account is settled. If the account is not paid in full by the time of the recital, the student will be unable to perform. There are no refunds on costume payments. If a child withdraws from class after the deposit has been paid, the parent is still responsible for the remaining balance on the costume.

Elite Dance Company showcases two performances throughout the dance calendar. The first performance is an annual Winter Showcase held in December. Costumes are not required for the Winter Show, but are required for the Spring Recital. Our annual Spring Recital is held in June to showcase all students hard work and achievements. During choreography for these shows, it is crucial that attendance is consistent so as not to miss any material learned for their performance. Local community performances may also be added throughout the season.  Performances are not mandatory, but are encouraged.

Class Cancellation Policy
Please be aware that in the event of a snow storm, the studio will follow the Chelmsford Public School cancellations. However, if the roads are safe to travel come class time, EDC will be open for regularly scheduled classes.  If you are unsure, please call the studio that day & an updated voicemail will be available. Cancellations will also be posted on the website. Saturday classes please call the studio one hour before your scheduled class. There will be no refunds for snow days. EDC also follow the same school vacations, such as Christmas break, and February & April vacation weeks.  

Elite Dance Company and their instructors are not liable for personal injuries or loss or damage to personal properties. Dance is a physical activity and any student may decline to participate in any activity they feel may bring them harm. Please inform your instructor immediately of any physical limitations or previous injuries which may prevent full participation in class.

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