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Dancer's name as you wish it to appear in the program:

If you purchased a personalized message above please add your message here:

Leave a short message for your dancer below and it will be printed it the program! Deadline for this purchase is 6/16.

Each year our recital is professionally recorded and available for purchase.  You may choose from 2 formats; DVD or USB.
Pre-order your DVD or USB by 6/20.

Instructions for the form below:
1.  While the above items are not mandatory to purchase, please take a moment to confirm how you would like your dancer's name to appear in the program by submitting the form below. 
If you purchased a message above, you will now need to enter the message on the form below and submit.  If you did not purchase a message you can skip this step but PLEASE enter your dancer's name as you would like it to appear in the program.

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