C O M P E T I T I O N  T E A M

Team Focus

The focus of Elite Dance Company’s competition team is to provide an opportunity outside of the studio for dancers age 7 and up to showcase their talents in a competitive atmosphere.  Dancers will use these competitive opportunities as a learning experience and will benefit from the critiques given by some of the dance industry’s most knowledgeable competition judges.

Below are some of the most common Q & A's about being part of EDC's dance team.

Q.  What is the time commitment?

A.  Being part of the team requires a significant time commitment and mandatory classes are required for all team dancers. One of the most important aspects of being on a team is consistent attendance.  Dancers are required to attend all weekly classes and rehearsals in order to perform.

Q.  What are the required classes for team dancers?

A.  All team dancers are required to be enrolled in at least 5 mandatory classes: ballet, technique, jazz, the style of their competing routine, and a style

of their choice.  Team dancers will also have an additional team class for training, choreography, and rehearsing.  Of course other classes beyond the required are strongly encouraged to develop well-rounded dancers.

Q.  How do I become a team dancer?


A.  Through auditions and previous class example, placement will be decided upon technical ability, previous training, focus, and work ethic.  Being part

of the team requires a positive attitude and commitment to dance as well as the willingness to be pushed and challenged.  New dancers transferring to EDC may be required to have one year of training with us before being considered for the team.  This is at the discretion of the Director.

Q.  What is the financial commitment?

A.  Being part of the team also requires a financial commitment which includes a choreography fee, rehearsal fee, costume purchase, and competition fees.  All of these fees are per routine and can be discussed in further detail according to each dancer's number of routines.

Team Member Expectations

Team members are representatives of Elite Dance Company and should consist of a friendly and supportive group of highly-motivated, dedicated dancers who possess a positive attitude.  Everyone is expected to work as a team player and help in the growth of their peers.  EDC dancers should always practice good manners at the studio, performance venues, and competitions and always be friendly and courteous to all dancers at all competitions.

Further details and guidelines will be provided to all team families.