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Click on the giant ticket above to purchase your recital tickets!
Tickets will be available to purchase from Weds, June 12th at 10 am through Saturday, June 22nd at 11:00 am. 
After this time, tickets will only be available at the venue on the day of the show for cash only at $33 per ticket.
*Please only will be accepted for all sales at the venue including Elite merchandise, water, and flowers that have not been pre orderd (if available).

Please enter you personalized message to your dancer to be printed in the program....

If you purchased a personalized message above please add your message here:

3 STEM.png
6 STEM.png

Congratulate your special dancer on a fabulous performance with these beautiful and unique pastel colored rainbow roses! These are available as a 3 stem or
6 stem bouquet.  Place your order online and pick them up at the flower table in the lobby of the venue on the day of the show.
Deadline for this purchase is Weds 6/12.

Leave a short message for your dancer below and it will be printed it the program!
*Please limit to no more than 3 sentences per dancer.
Deadline for this purchase is Weds 6/19.

Each year our recital is professionally recorded and available for purchase.  You may choose from 2 formats; DVD or USB.
Pre-order your DVD or USB by Weds 6/19.  

Instructions for the form below:
If you purchased a message above, you will now need to enter the message on the form below and submit. 
If you did not purchase a message you can skip this step.

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